Meetings are held at the Community Arts Center
120 S. Second Street
Downstairs Dance Studio - 

January 8th
Speaker:  Steve Kelly 

March 12th - 5:30pm
Speaker:  Shayne Greco - 
Shayne Greco is a potter & sculptor who works primarily with home decor items.  He will be talking about one of his designs and taking us through his creative process.  He will also talk about marketing yourself as a ceramic artist.  He will touch on social media, wholesale trade shows, sidewalk art shows, and gallery representation.   www.shaynegreco.com

May 14th - 5:30pm
Speaker:  Julianne Scott 
Julianne Scott, Cultural Arts Manager for the Town of Leland will speak to the guild in May. Her presentation "Talk on Impermanence" will explore her thoughts about the permanence of artwork.

Julianne's recent work is comprised mostly sculptural representations of the nude human form. She will discuss her educational background in ceramics and how she broke away from creating functional ceramic work to make figurative sculpture. She will openly discuss the struggles faced when making commissioned work versus creating work for the sole desire of exploring something she finds visually captivating. 

"I aspire to depict the awe-inspiring and captivating details of the human body in my work. Clay provides many benefits and challenges for me as a sculptor, some challenges I have yet to overcome. I would like for my work to provide the viewer with a quiet moment of reflection, to focus their attention on something interesting about the human form or an object found in nature. Luckily for me, the viewer (or possible purchaser) is not the reason I create at this point in my life. I create because of the calming feeling of the cool, supple clay beneath the pads of my fingers. The feeling of the strong wooden tool in my hand as it moves a mass of clay to where it belongs. The time spent appreciating and attempting to visually represent the intricate and fascinating details of my model or muse. The expression of the many joys and vulnerabilities of the human experience. I create for the pure joy found in the moments when I'm lost completely, exploring the fascinating and ephemeral nature of this life."

July 9th - 5:30pm
Speaker:  Dick Heiser 
Ever wonder what it would be like to move, not just a home but a pottery and associated "business".  We did that and re-established ourselves in a new community along with building a new kiln.  How did this go?  Was it smooth? Marketing oneself and looking to the future without forgetting the past.  Not to mention some new pots... 

September 10th - 5:30pm 
Speaker:  Miriam Oehrlein, Owner New Elements Gallery
“Over four years ago my husband and I bought an art gallery, and it has been a wild ride ever since!  After working on Wall Street and spending a lot of my career in pharmaceuticals, I feel I have a unique skill set to be a gallerist.  I will be talking about the gallery business in general, what galleries look for in an artist, and  how to approach one for representation.”
Refreshments 5pm - Meeting starts 5:30pm

November 12th
No Meeting

Monday December 16th - Party

5:00 - 8:00pm